Guest: bestie writes letter


Hey guys,

Today I’ve got a super exciting new post! I’ve done a guest post with my bf. What we did: we wrote a letter to out future each other. I wrote a letter to her, she has to read it when she finishes college, and she did the same for me. Do you want to read my letter to her? Click here for her blog. Have fun!

Dear best friend, don’t read this until you finish college.

I know right, that sounds like an awfully but excitingly long time J. This letter is our way of keeping our future self from forgetting our present self.  So here we go!

We are like pepper and salt, yin and yang, like a person and it’s shadow; we are inseparable! We are partners in crime, we are the only ones that know what massacre in the snow means and we are secret agents of the FBI. We are the inventors of the see-through lift and we are two pieces of cake. We have so many memories that people don’t even know what we are talking about most of the time, and there are many more to come, like going to freaking PARIS!

At the moment, we are in the middle of choosing our classes. You want to study law or management, and I want to study psychology or English. I know that, by the time you read this, we will have made our decisions, and I’m sure they were the right ones.

We are two crazy high school students and we are basically the weirdo’s of the entire class. We are also obsessed with this app that tells stories: Episode. We are reading this story about a girl that falls in love with a bad boy… Sounds creepy, but believe me, it is freaking addicting!

So, I could just keep talking about the present, but I’m not going to do that; I am going to tell you what I hope will happen in the future (which is the present when you read this obviously). So, I hope we have had an amazing time in college and the rest of high school, I hope we studied cool things in Maastricht and had a nice apartment together. I’ve always had the dream to live with my best friend, that would be so cool, because we’re basically sisters J. I hope we have a super cute dog (and super cute boyfriends J) and I hope we get an amazing job. I hope I finally dyed my hair pink or blue or purple or some other amazing colour, and I hope we have made amazing friends in all those years.

I hope that we are going on an amazing adventure together, and I hope we have made many more memories than we already have. I hope our prom was amazing and I hope we graduated high school in six years. I hope we are still happy with what we chose to study (because I know we both change our minds a lot) I hope that we are happy people in general.

But most of all, I hope we are still friends, and that we are still like pepper and salt, yin and yang, like a person and it’s shadow. I hope we remember what massacre in the snow means, and that day we discovered the see-through lift. And if not, I want you to remember that I love you, and I will never forget you, because no matter what happens, best-friendships last forever.

I wish us loads of luck, love, wisdom and happiness for the rest of our future. I know we will make it amazing, and I’m already proud of us ❤

Love, present (past for you of course) Zwaan

I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of collab thing. If you want to see more of this, let me know in the comments.  Don’t forget to check out my letter! Did you ever wrote a letter to your future self to? Let me know in the comments!!

Love y’all. XXX Mie


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